Issue 208

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Issue 208 - August 2013
This issue's features include:

Dear Dancers
First In Line
Between The Lines
Always And Forever
Life At Sea
Album Review
Dance For The LDF
A Dancer Called Mandy
Strait To The Top
Little Jonas
Dealing With CRPS
We Start Partys
New Releases
Pike's Peak Line Dance
The Charts
Just For Fun
Focus On
Once A Dancer Always A Dancer
The Last Line

Music Reviews
Darius Rucker - True Believers




This Month's Dances
Michael Metzger
June Shuman
Vivienne Scott
Frank Trace
Chris Hodgson
Chris Hodgson
Chris Hodgson
Rachael McEnaney and Arjay Centeno
Malene Jakobsen and Jannick Brendholt
Dee Musk
Roz Chaplin
Chris Hodgson
Chris Hodgson
Chris Hoddgson
Robbie McGowan Hickie
Rep Ghazali-Meaney
Karl-Harry Winson
Pat Stott
Ria Vos
Maggie Gallagher
Sadiah Heggernes
Chris Hodgson
Vikki Morris
Rafel Corbi
Chris Hodgson
Alison Biggs and Peter Metelnick
Pat Stott and Tina Argyle

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