Issue 203

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Issue 203 - March 2013
This issue's features include:

Dear Dancers
First In Line
Between The Lines
17th Crystal Boot Awards
Mr 'Oui, Oui'
Lycklig Crystal Boots
Tamworth Country Music Festival 2013
Dance On The Med
A 'Bailey' Good Time In Malaysia
Staying On To-
Just For Fun
The Charts
Album Review
Focus On
Roy's Legacy
The Last Line

Music Reviews
The Mavericks - Back In Time




This Month's Dances
Lesley Clark
Roz Chaplin, Lorna Mursell, Colin B Smith
Daniel Whittaker
Martie Papendorf
Ivonne Verhagen
Niels Poulsen
Darren Bailey
Eddie Hufman
Rachael McEnaney
Dan Morrison
Madeleine Jones
Jo Kinser and John Kinser
Patricia Stott and Lizzie Stott
Simon Ward
Audrey Watson
Kate Sala
Maggie Gallagher

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