Issue 189

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  Issue 189_250   

Issue 189 - January 2012
This issue's features include:

Dear Dancers
Between The Lines
Tell Me More
Ray Of Sunshine
Put A Spring In Your Step
Gentelman On The Dance Floor
A Holland Welcome
Album Reviews
Bright City Lights
Ask Sho
Dancing On The Waves
Dancing Magic
The Charts
Just For Fun
Health + Well Being = Linedancing!
Spain's Favourite!
Oh! What A Night!
The Joy Of LDF
Dream Trip
Open Letter
Party On Down
The Last Line

Music Reviews
Joe Nichols - It's All Good
Buddy Holly - Listen To Me
David Nail - The Sound Of A Million Dreams
Liberation - Smoke Feathers




This Month's Dances
Andrew Palmer and Sheila Cox
Lisa Johns-Grose
Justine Brown
Robbie McGowan Hickie
Gerald Biggs
Tina Summerfield
Rob Fowler
Nicola Lafferty
Malene Jakobsen
Peter Jones and Anna Lockwood
Eddie Huffman
Rita Masur
Louise Elfvengren Olatoye
Lizzie Clarke


BCE May4