Issue 184

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Issue 184 - August 2011
This issue's features include:

Dear Dancers
Between The Lines
Ashton Shepherd
Kom Og Dans
Following The Light
Tell Me More
The Spanish Event 2011
Rhinestone Mondays
Album Reviews
Kitty Wells Dresses
LDF Update
Nuline Dance
Ask Sho
The Australian Americano In Kuching
The Charts
Just For Fun
Dancing With Bootleggers
Fancy Feet
Wine, Women and Song
Your Chance To Be A Star!
The Last Line

Music Reviews
Brad Paisley - This Is Country Music
Danius Rucker - Charleston, SC1966
Terri Clark - Roots And Wings
Ashton Shepherd - Where Country Grows




This Month's Dances
Yvonne Anderson
Val Myers and Deana Randle
Amund Storsveen
A T Kinson
Rachael McEnaney
Michele Goddard
Diana Dawson
Ryan King
Robbie McGowan Hickie
Kath Dickens
Justine Brown
Gaye Teather
Colleen Archer
Sue Ann Ehmann


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