Issue 176

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Issue 176 - December 2010
This issue's features include:

Dear Dancers
Between The Lines
The Puppini Sisters
Monsieur Tridon Superetoile
Original Toby
Country Through And Through
Happy Holidays
Cowboy Back In Town
Album Reviews
15th CBA Voting Form
Jo's Battle With Aplastic Anemia
A Weekend Never To Forget
Footloose In Hungary
The Charts
Just For Fun
Ask Sho
Confessions Of A Nice Girl
A Dream Weekend
Forever Country
Where To Dance
The Last Line

Music Reviews
Toby Keith - Bullets In The Gun
James Otto - Shake What God Gave Ya
RW Hampton - Austin To Boston
Various Artists - I Wanna Play




This Month's Dances

Juliet Lam
Ross Brown
Rob Fowler
Wil Bos & Roy Verdonk
Jacob Ballard
Gordon Elliott
Jo Thompson Szymanski, Michele Burton, Michael Barr
Ann Wood
Paul & Karla Dornstedt
Maggie Gallagher
Marie Sorensen
Val Parry
Paul McAdam
Francien Sittrop