Issue 169


Issue 169 (May 2010)

This issue's features include:
Dear Dancers
A Little More Country
Kenny Rogers … The Tour
15th CBA
Stepping Back 10 Years Ago
Between The Lines
That's What Friends Are For
Simply DJ
Blooming Marvellous
The CallOf Spring
It's Just Like Hong Kong
Album Reviews
Dance Reviews
First Steps
Time To Vote Is Now
Where Are They Now?
June Is LDF Month
New On The Dance Floor
Charity Lines
Where To Dance
Ask Sho
Holiday Dream
Just For Fun
Linedance Parties
Super Trooper

Music Reviews
Tony Lewis & Guylaine Bourdages - DVD Heartline
Lathan Moore - Love In Your Life
Jupiter One - Sunshower
Jeremy Parsons - Doggondest Feelin'
Big & Rich - Greatest Hits - Hump Head




This Month's Dances
Ria Vos
Linda Bass
Jo & John Kinser and Mark Furnell
Chris Hodgson
Jo Thompson Szymanski
Monica Lind Emmerud & Amund Stirsveen
Maggie Gallagher
Marie Sorensen
Francien Sittrop
Gaye Teather
Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris
Sadiah Heggernes
Alan Birchall