I'm Like A New Man




I'm Like A New Man

By Administrator


Paul Swift

My life seems to have changed so much over the last 2 and half years that when I look back it appears unreal. I wasn't unhappy, but I prefer the ‘new me' 100 times over.

It all started with me losing weight, I wasn't overly trying to lose weight but with a much healthier diet and playing lots of football I actually shed 3 stone. Again I never felt conscious about my weight, but the slim line me feels a lot better and is more confident. With my more svelte figure I could also ‘pull off' clothes I never ever thought I'd wear.

And with this new confidence in myself I met my beautiful Fiancée and fell in love. Which above all makes me feel like a new man.

Along my two and a half year journey I have mellowed into a more tolerant and easy going person too. That's not saying I don't still have my fiery temper, but it's much more controlled now, making me hopefully a much more affable person.

And I have my new job, which has given me a new challenge and direction in life. I'm no longer just plodding along, I'm doing and trying new things all the time.

So here's to the next two and a half years, I can only hope they're half as good!