How Long Does A Birthday Last?




How Long Does A Birthday Last?

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I celebrated my 60th birthday in September and my family, friends, relations colleagues and dancing pals had lots of ideas planned to help me celebrate.

Months before my birthday celebrations started with a bit of a ‘business' trip to France. It was at the end of July, I spent three days with Laurent and Steve in the beautiful sunshine of Cagnes where I had the honour of meeting some very special dancers. It was one of the most uplifting experiences I have had at a dance event. They really know how to have a good time and throw off their inhibitions. It was fabulous to see such passion. I wanted to bring them all home with me.  

Then, no sooner home than re-packing, this time off for eight days with my dear old school friend Irene (who was recovering from chemotherapy) to have a 'Life Style Experience' at the Villages in Florida. It's a retirement complex done as only the Americans can.... and yes, you've guessed it - open air line dancing too. We had a ball driving around in our little golf cart, shopping, getting our nails done, shopping, eating at fabulous restaurants shopping, dancing and then some more shopping. I don't know how Irene managed to close her case. 

Back home and it's a quick hello and goodbye again this time off to Las Vegas with my sister Margaret and my sister-in-law Barbara for another eight days. I had never been to Las Vegas before and was blown away by this city and it's pace and culture. Not being much of a gambler I was quickly confused by the many ways they can whip your money off you, It's gone in seconds!  We visited the Grand Canyon, the Hoover Damn and all the sites you can fit into an eight-day trip including a must see place for me - Ethel M Chocolate Factory. Great weather, great company, lots to do, see and eat, but not one single dance!

Coming home again I had a ‘quiet' birthday party actually on the night for family (I have a huge family) and close friends (I've been collecting them for 60 years). It was great seeing so many people that I love and care about all together.

Then in October my Line dance friends organised another late birthday party and surprised me with a fantastic cabaret they had been practicing since May.  It was the best cabaret I've seen and the best ever birthday party I have ever had. They even sang a special song for me. And finally, to round off the celebrations the stars of the cabaret are treating me to a slap up dinner in November. Just how long can a birthday last?

I am the luckiest lady I know and reaching 60 was like becoming a queen for the year. I can't wait to be 60 again!