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New Teaching Survey

We have finished the update on the new Teaching Survey. Now you can see all the dances being taught, you can also see in which country and by which instructor. You can even search alphabetically by individual dance to see a list of people who have taught that dance.

At this stage some of the information is ‘test’ data so please don’t be alarmed by the results.  However, if you are an instructor and think you would find this information useful then please enter your dances taught in My Profile, under My Favourites. You will need tick the instructor box in your profile to see the teaching survey fields. Also, while you’re there; don’t forget to vote in the charts.

Watch And Learn Is Back

Watch and Learn is back and it’s better than ever! Now you can view all video clips at a glance. You will see the name of the dance, the choreographer, and the dance details. They are presented in order of the most viewed. You can search alphabetically for any dance or key in a specific name. You can even choose to view only the most recent arrivals, which are presented in date order.  Everything you need at the click of a mouse, including a button to upload your own video clips too. If you’re a dancer in a hurry this is a great way to decide if a dance or the music is right for you.

New DJ Charts

The newest charts we have introduced for you are the DJ Floor Filler Charts. You can now see what new dances and what classic dances are filling the floors. More often than not it is the reaction to a dance at an event or a social that gives a true reflection of what’s hot and what’s not and who better to know this than our DJs.

 The new DJ Floor Filler Charts are a great way to hear the voice of the ‘dancers’ and could be very useful to anyone planning a social or weekend event.

If your dance role calls for you to DJ too then please make sure that the DJ box is ticked in your Profile so that you too can enter your Current and Classic guaranteed floor fillers and help make the charts more accurate.


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