Hats For Heroes
Hats For Heroes

BJ2 Line Dancing club have recently got involved with a charity campaign called 'Hats For Heroes'.

One of BJ2's dancers Tina Selby, read in a national newspaper last October about a lady who had knitted some hats to send out to her son and some colleagues who were serving with the British army in Afghanistan. Tina and her husband were already donating morale boosting boxes to the troops and thought that perhaps she could, with the help of some line dancing friends, knit some hats to put in them.

Tina started out with an initial aim of 500 hats and to date has received over 1700 hats, 75% of the hats have been knitted by BJ2 Line dancers and the number is rising daily. So far the bulk of the hats have gone to Welsh Transport Regiment, 2nd Battalion Royal Welsh, Welsh Gunners, Royal Irish Regiment, 7th Parachute Regiment Royal Horse Artillery, 3rd Battalion Parachute Regiment and the Defence Medical Welfare Service. 

We have been told that the weather is really cold between October and February so Tina is aiming to send the next big batch out during September 2011 and In fact the hats have been so well received and appreciated that we have now expanded the knitting to include scarves and gloves!! 

As this delivery will hopefully become an annual event Tina has been liaising with Support Our Soldiers for help in distributing the hat parcels. They organise parcels of morale boosting goodies that have been donated by the general public and local businesses to be sent out to the troops in Afghanistan throughout the year.

If you would like to join our knitting army or have any spare wool that you would like to donate or  if you would like more information about the items for the morale boosting parcels then please contact Tina on 029 20707894 or or Sian at

DAP May 14