Friday November 29th




Friday November 29th

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Odile called to say she was holding a dance party the next evening to practise the dances for the TÚlÚthon Ball to be held the following Saturday. I was to go to her house and she'd drive me to the venue. She doesn't live too far from me but I'd never been to her house before and I set off in the dark and it was raining cats and dogs. Of course, I got lost and couldn't see the names of the streets and of course I'd left my mobile at home! I had just about given up convinced she'd left without me when I came across her quite by accident.

We had a very enjoyable evening with snacks and wine. Some non-dancer husbands turned up and they sat around the table eating everything in sight and sampling the drinks while we woman danced up a storm! 4 hours later we were turned out by the caretaker!

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