Four Drawers Divan Beds ..... What Do You Keep In Yours?




Four Drawers Divan Beds ..... What Do You Keep In Yours?

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Betty DrummondVery recently, Mike and I decided it was time we treated ourselves to a nice new bed. Silly me, I had forgotten that I would have to empty the four drawers hidden beneath the bedcovers before our new bed arrived.  

Being enormously sentimental I find it impossible to part with anything associated with happy memories. I keep and treasure all sorts of nonsense and I love taking and acquiring family photographs. During the 35 years we've been married I have built up a massive collection of photographs, souvenirs and keepsakes. Can you guess where I keep them? Yes, you've got it in one, I keep them in the drawers of our divan bed.  I decided to ditch all the junk and get organised for when our new bed arrives. I was determined to be ruthless and discard all the 'rubbish' I had accumulated. My eldest son and I could just about lift the heavy drawers out of the bed and we laughed as he offered to bet any money that at least 95% of it would all go back again.  Between the top of the drawers and the drawer-frames there is a little gap where I have been happily 'posting' the latest batch of photographs for years without even needing to open the draw. All my treasured memories were posted safely to the darkness of the drawers where they would lay often undisturbed for years.  

However, today I spread myself and my collection across the bed ready to be ruthless but I soon found myself on a trip down memory lane with friends, family and loved ones. Looking back on happy times laughing at the dated styles and hideous fashions one minute only then to be holding back the tears whist reliving a precious memory the next. 

 I sat crossed legged and enjoyed 35 Christmas mornings, and 35 family holidays, numerous birthdays, special occasions, family parties and happy days as the faded old photographs brought vivid memories flooding back to life.  Yes, my son was right, after a bitter sweet afternoon I carefully put all my treasures into nice new box files ready to take their rightful place in the drawers of our new bed when it arrives.  It started me wondering what other people keep in their divan drawers. I bet there are a few stories lurking beneath the divans. Come on let's blog it into the www. I dare you to share the secrets of what you keep in the drawers of your divan.  

My confession:-

I once kept a pair of brass candlesticks in mine for about twenty years. My mother-in-law gave them to me before she died. She loved them and thought I did too but I couldn't stand them.  I buried them in the bottom of the divan for almost twenty years before plucking up the courage to donate them to a charity shop.