If you are having problems logging in, try the solutions below.

  • Usernames are commonly just your Surname or the name you have chosen as your 'Nickname / Forum Name', or alternatively you can enter the email address you have on your account as your username. Do not enter both.
  • Passwords are case sensitive. For long serving members they were defaulted to be your old membership number. (Two capital letters followed by numbers).
  • Make sure the two boxes are completely empty before you type into them, including all the dots in the password box.
  • Your Username goes into the top box and your password in the box below
If you have tried the above solutions and are still struggling to login, you can request a new password by entering your email address in the box below. The new password you are sent can take upto 30 minutes to activate. Alternatively you can click here to email us or phone 01704 392300.

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