First Class




First Class

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Dear Diary

The BIG night, my first line dance class as a student for ages. Mid September but the sun is shining big and bright. This time I didn't drive my car into a municipal flower display on the street corner as I did last week due to being blinded by the sun!

I arrive a bit early and Odile and a helper are setting up the room. A large glass fronted multi-purpose one, pity its got lino but there you go. Odile has all the modern equipment, a laptop hooked up to the sound system, a head mike, which wasn't working, but we could hear her fine enough.

About 15 other ladies and a lonesome cowboy Didier eventually trooped in and we were asked to introduce ourselves. Most people had about 2 or 3 years dancing experience. I have a bit more.

We began the class with a relatively easy dance Tailgate, and I could see that the others learnt really fast and had reasonably good dance technique - a good point! I was also relieved to see that I'm not the only instructor who gets my left and right mixed up, or forgets a few steps here and there! Once the music was played I realised it was an East Coast Swing style dance and I think I acquitted myself rather well.

Not so well on the second dance - a partner one called Billy's Dance. There are is a succession of turns something I've never been good at. The others managed fine after an initial panic.

The class ended practising the vaudeville hops from Country Roads which we'll develop next week.

I was exhausted! It was hot and I'd forgotten to bring water. The other dancers stayed to help out with the beginners class that followed but I drove home to look up the steps on YouTube and download the scripts from Linedancer. They don't seem to give out scripts anymore - at least not in this neck of the woods.