Find Out How Many You Answered Correctly
Singin' in the Rain

1. a 1952 was the year in which the classic ‘Singin’ in the Rain’ was released.

West Side Story
2. c Jets and Sharks were the names of the two rival gangs in ‘West Side Story’.


Charlize Theron
3. a Charlize Theron was the South African Oscar winning actress who trained to be a ballerina before suffering a knee injury and changing direction to modelling and acting.


4. b 1980 was the year ‘Fame’ was released.


5. c Welder was the lead character’s job in the film ‘Flashdance’


billy elliot
6. a Jamie Bell was the name of the actor who played Billie in the movie ‘Billy Elliot’.


moulin rouge
7. b Nicole Kidman is the actor who starred in ‘Moulin Rouge’.


dirty dancing


8. b Kellerman’s is the holiday camp Baby went to in the film ‘Dirty Dancing’.


9. c Ren McCormack was the character Kevin Bacon played in the movie ‘Footloose’.

10. a Catherine Zeta-Jones and Renee Zellweger played the parts of Velma Kelly and Roxie Hart in the film Chicago.


DAP May 14