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Dance Selection

The following 'Dear Dancers' message from Publisher Betty Drummond, is reproduced from the April 1998 issue.

One of the most difficult tasks we face each month is selecting dances to publish in 'Steppin' off the Page'. Very often choreographers ask what we look for when choosing dances and what can they do to help get their dances selected.
It's heartbreaking for us to disappoint choreographers but the harsh reality is we receive so many dances each month from all over the world we simply cannot print them all. We learn as many as we can and spend hours making selections so that we can publish 'something for everyone' in each edition.
Publishing too many dances can be far worse than publishing too few. It's not the number of dances which gives the greatest pleasure but dancing the ones you know really well and still enjoy before tackling news ones.
I would like to apologise if you have been disappointed not to have your dances published and explain some of the factors we consider when choosing dances which may be of help to you in the future.


We try to respond to our readers' requests for scripts. If there is a high interest it is a good sign the dance is a likely winner and we should publish it. In these cases it makes life easy because dancers generally know what they like and are quick to tell us. Often, these 'by public demand' dances account for two or three pages each month.

Artists sometimes appoint choreographers to create dances to go with songs from their new albums. Collaboration between choreographer and artists has created some very popular dances. We would be failing our readers if we didn't publish them. Take Scooter's latest album for example on it she has dances from Max Perry, Jo Thompson, Charlotte Skeeters, Joanne Brady and Neil Hale some of finest choreographers in the world. We face choosing the 'best of the best' but taking care not to over do it. We could easily fill all our pages from albums produced this way each month.

There are plenty of undiscovered choreographers deserving encouragement and support. We reserve at least one page on a regular basis for an unknown choreographer. It gives us great delight to see how often these dances make it to the top ten charts around the country. I am reminded of Chris Hodgson's 'American Pie' which received a nomination for dance of the year 1997 and Robert and Regina Padden's Electric Reel which was the eventual winner. Publishing dances from new choreographers regardless of age or experience is a vital element for the development of this dance form.

It is important also to find room for a 'golden oldie'. Dances which have been around for years but are still 'new to you' if you're just joining the lines. The pleasure these dances once gave us can still unfold for newcomers. We select these dances to remind us how much we enjoyed them, to introduce them to the new dancers and to ensure that they are not forgotten. 'One Step Forward' 'Achy Breaky Heart' 'Hooked on Country' and 'Watermelon Crawl' are examples.

Whenever there's a hit song - there's a posse of new dances hot on the trail. This can sometimes creates havoc. Remember BR549 and Cherokee Boogie - it generated at least 20 different dances. Selecting just one for publication was a nightmare. A current example is the Maverick's 'I just want to dance the night away' so far we have received eight dances to this track. Obviously the music is a hit and the posse of new dances is hot on the trail. This time we have selected Liz Clarke's Scotia Samba based on the demand already received for it. That doesn't mean that the other seven were not good enough.

We'll look at how well we serve dancers at different levels and do our best to give something for everyone. The new comer, who wants it easy and fun, the intermediate dancer who wants to improve skills and gain confidence and the advanced dancer who needs the stimulation of a challenge every now and again.

We must give recognition and encouragement to young 'would be' choreographers. Often their tastes are non-country and in the past I have been criticised for publishing dances to pop music like Mmm Bop from Hanson, Men in Black from Will Smith and from Steps. Nevertheless young dancers have the right to their own tastes and deserve our encouragement and a platform to develop their talents. I see no generation gap on the dance floor, if they can dance to George Jones why shouldn't we enjoy a little Dario G for a change! In any case if you study the charts these days you won't be surprised to see Shania Twain - The Mavericks - LeAnn Rimes - The Woolpackers - Trisha Yearwood and Steps. Hey! This pop music ain't so bad after all !!

'Something for everyone includes those who dance in wheel chairs - and we look for suitable routines for wheel chair dances. Here again is a group of people who have the right to enjoy the dance floor as much as the next person. Publishing routines for them will remain a part of our selection process.

In 'Steppin' off the Page' Linedancer Magazine tries to provide something for everyone. If you have sent in dances and been disappointed not to be selected for publication, please don't take it personally. Don't be disheartened, keep on producing them and keep on sending them in. We do value them. Each one is referenced and sorted. One day we intend to produce an encyclopaedia of unpublished dances. It would be an excellent reference for instructors and dancers across the world and a source of great inspiration for the future.

Yours in Line, Betty Drummond

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Subscribing to the Linedancer Magazine

You can subscribe to Linedancer Magazine online, telephone, post or fax. Click for details.

Online transactions are carried out over a secure server.

Payment Options. Credit card, Cheque or Bankers Draft.
If you pay by credit card the card company will convert the amount from your local currency into UK Pounds Sterling (GBP). Payments made by cheque or Bankers Draft must be in GBP Sterling.

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Steppin' off the Page

Dances selected for publication in Linedancer Magazine are formatted to a particular style referred to as 'Steppin' Off The Page' The reason for this is to try to standardise the terminology and make it easy for anyone, at any level, to follow the script. In this way we hope to encourage as many people as possible to try out and enjoy the dances.

Ever since we launched the magazine we kept our selection of dances confidential until publication. Unfortunately, this prevented us from obtaining the extra proofing needed to ensure accuracy.

It is clear that accuracy is far more important than confidentiality and therefore that policy has been changed. In future, Linedancer will only publish scripts which have been seen and signed in approval by the original choreographers.

Before publication in Linedancer, we have two different proof readers to check for accuracy. Following their approval scripts are then sent to the original choreographer for the final approval and 'signing' off. This way we hope to achieve the highest level of accuracy.

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Where to Dance

Linedancer Magazine provides up-to-date information about where to dance in line dancing venues in the United Kingdom and throughout the world.

You can complete the form in the magazine or enter online through your Profile.

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Becoming a Line Dance Instructor

The web site contains a list of organisations who should be able to help you. Most of them offer training courses and some are able to give you discounts on other services you might require.

Go to the links page. You will find a list of organisations, telephone numbers and some web sites to visit.

A couple of things to be aware of before you go searching. There is no legal requirement to have a qualification or be a member of an organisation. Nor do you have to have public liability insurance although it is advisable as you can be held liable in the event of an accident.

You do however have to have a licence to play music. This is easily obtained by contacting the PPL who number appears on the web links page.

If you decide to join an organisation then shop around call more than one and find out how much it is going to cost and what you get for your money. Then decide which one is the best for you. You may even decide to join more than one.

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Web Site Login.

I'm having trouble logging in to the website.

  • MAGAZINE SUBSCRIBERS should generally login using their SURNAME as their login name and their SUBSCRIBER NUMBER (including the letters at the start) as their password
  • ONLINEDANCER and WEB SUBSCRIBERS. Depending on how you signed up your login name will be either a name of your own choosing or your email address. Similarly, your password will have been chosen by you or provided to you in an email.
  • IF YOU GET NO ERROR MESSAGE BUT STILL AREN'T LOGGED IN then you may need to change your cookie settings to allow cookies from our site. The Help on your browser will be able to tell you how to do this, or you can look at the instructions below.

Cookie Settings

First, check that your browser is set to accept 'cookies' from the Linedancer site.

In IE6 (Internet Explorer 6) you can allow cookies from the Linedancer site without compromising your computer privacy by the following method.

Go to Tools/Internet Options and select the 'Privacy' tab
At the bottom is a section entitled 'web sites'
Click on the 'Edit' button
In the text box called 'Address of Web Site', enter the following web addresses

each time clicking Apply
Then click OK

You may see an icon at the bottom right hand side of your browser window in the form of an 'eye' with a 'no entry sign.

Click on this to view which cookies have been blocked or allowed.
If necessary you can then change the settings to suit your privacy requirements.

Other things to check...

Make sure you are typing the details exactly as you enter them when you registered, including any spaces or special characters. If you use the numeric keypad, make sure you have 'Num Lock' selected on your keyboard.

Make sure the character set used by your keyboard matches those in your login details.

I've tried everything you've suggested, but I still can't log-in
Please email (replacing the _at_ with @) including your name, your login name (if known) and your subscriber number (if you are a magazine subscriber). Also include any error message that you may be getting on screen. The more information you give us the quicker we should be able to help.

Am I seeing the most up-to-date page
Sometimes your computer will be looking at web pages that are saved in your cache rather than the most up-to-date pages. You can set your computer to get the latest version of every page by making the following changes to your settings.

Click on Tools, Internet Options, General Tab, Browsing History - Settings, and tick Every Time I Visit The Webpage. Click OK.

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I would like to request a link to your site?
Line dance clubs any where in the world can link to our site by entering their details in their Profile.

For artists, bands, organisations, retail organisations or any other link requests, please e-mail your details and once it has been approved, it will be added to our links pages manually.

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Problems viewing dances

Many of the dances at the Linedancer site require Adobe Acrobat Reader to view them. This is free software available for download from

Other dances are held in a database and should view in whatever browser you are using.

The pdf dance pages are blank.
Sometimes, the dance appears to be opening in Adobe Acrobat Reader as it should, however the pdf's appear blank in the browser window. Sometimes a small 'cube' icon appears in the top left hand corner of the page. We have found that a re-install of Adobe Acrobat Reader usually cures this problem.

Further help and information is available from Microsoft support at;EN-US;q177321

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How do I download videos onto my computer?

To be able to download a video from any website, you will need some software.  Such programme are and  video player

Click here to go to Watch and Learn

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I'm looking for classes or teachers in a particular area. Can you help?

We have an online searchable database called Where To Dance which contains details of hundreds of club and classes throughout the world.

Please click here to visit our search page.

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Messages are stuck in my Message board outbox


Sent messages will appear in either the outbox or the sent messages folder. As long as the recipient(s) has not yet read the message, it will stay in the outbox. As soon as someone reads the message, it will be archived to the sent message folder. If the administrator allows it, you can edit messages after sending them as long as they are in the outbox and the recipient(s) have not yet read them.


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