Your Trouble

32 Count 4 Walls Improver

Choreographed by: Micaela Svensson Erlandsson & LD Crazy Mike (SE)

Choreographed to: There's Your Trouble by Cross Country 123 BPM

Intro: 32 Style: Country

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Last updated: 18th July 2010
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Count Footwork
  Step, Beside, Shuffle forward right, Step, Beside, Shuffle forward left
1-2 Step right foot diagonally forward to the right, step left beside right.
3&4 Step right foot diagonally forward, step left beside right, step right foot diagonally forward.
5-6 Step left foot diagonally forward to the left, step right beside left
7&8 Step left foot diagonally forward, step right beside left, step left foot diagonally forward.
  Kick ball change right, Kick ball tap, Lock step back left, Cross unwind ½ right
9&10 Kick right foot forward, step ball of right foot back to place, step left foot in place.
11&12 Kick right foot forward, step ball of right foot back to place, tap left toe back.
13&14 Step left foot back, lock right behind left, step left foot back.
15-16 Point R toe Behind L, Unwind ½ turn R (end with weight to left).
  Heel split, Applejack left, Modified Applejack turning ¼ right, Hold,Coaster step right
17-18 With weight on both feet, turn both heels out to opposite sides, then back again
19-20 Taking weight onto left heel and right toe swivel left toe and right heel to left side Return feet to centre
21-22 Taking weight onto right heel and left toe swivel right toe and left heel to right side making a ¼ turn right, Hold, weight on left.
23&24 Step back right, Step left beside right, Step right foot forward.
  Shuffle forward left, Full turn left, Step turn ½ left, Kick ball cross right
25&26 Step left foot forward, step right beside left, step left foot forward.
27-28 Turn ½ putting right foot back, turn ½ putting left foot forward.
29-30 step right foot forward, Turn ½ left moving weight onto left.
31&32 Kick right foot right, step ball of right foot back to place, cross left over right
Dance Script

Alternative Tracks:

There's Your Trouble on There's Your Trouble by Dixie Chicks (Search For Music) Apple iTunes , 127 BPM

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