What Makes You Beautiful

32 Count 4 Walls Intermediate

Choreographed by: Yeo Yu Puay (MY) (1st July 2012)

Choreographed to: What Makes You Beautiful by One Direction 125 BPM

Intro: 16 Style: Pop / Disco

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Last updated: 6th August 2012
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Count Footwork
1-8 Forward, Anchor step, Back rock, 1/4 pivot cross, Side/squat/slap
1-2&3 Step R forward(1), lock L behind R, angling body into left diagonal(2), step R in place(&), step L back, squaring back to 12.00(3)
4-5 Rock R back(4), recover weight onto L(5)
6&7-8 Step R forward(6), pivot 1/4 left, shifting weight onto L(&), cross R over L(7), step L to left, feet shoulder width apart, squatting down and slapping both hands on laps(8) (9.00)
9-16 Head swings and roll, shoulder pops and chest/hip roll
1-2 Swing head to right(1), swing head to left(2)
3-4 Roll head one round clockwise starting from left going forward to the right and then round the back to the left(3-4)
5-6 Pop shoulders right(5) and left(6) as you use the momentum to stand upright
7-8 Roll chest (or hips) one round anti-clockwise starting from left going back to the right and then round the front to the left (weight ends on L) (7-8)
  (RESTART HERE on walls 2 and 6)
17-24 Side, Behind side cross, Half turn, Forward shuffle, Step
1-2&3 Step R to right(1), step L behind R(2), Step R to right(&), Cross L over R(3)
4-5 Turning 1/4 left, step R back(4), turning a further 1/4 left, step L to left(5) (3.00)
6&7-8 Shuffle forward R(6) L(&) R(7), Step L forward(8)
25-32 1/4 monterey, hitch kick point, Sailor touch with 1/4 turn, Forward shuffle
1-2&3-4 Point R to right(1), turning 1/4 right, step R beside L(2), Hitch L(&), Kick L forward(3), Point L to left(4) (6.00)
5&6 Step L behind R(5), Turning 1/4 left, step R slightly to right (&), touch L beside R(6) (3.00)
7&8 Step L forward(7), Step R beside L(&) Step L forward(8)
  RESTARTS: On walls 2(facing 12.00) and 6(facing 6.00), restart after 16 counts
  TAG 1 (16 counts) - At the end of wall 4(facing 6.00), do counts 25-32 again, then add the following 8 counts: Cross R over L(1), click R fingers(2), Cross L over R(3), click R fingers(4) REPEAT counts 1-4 above and re-start
  TAG 2 (8 counts) - At the end of wall 8(facing 12.00), repeat counts 25-32 and re-start
  TAG 3 (16 counts): At the end of wall 12 (facing 12.00), repeat counts 25-32 twice changing the final forward shuffle into three small runs forward to hit the word "beautiful"...
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