We R Who We R

64 Count 4 Walls Intermediate

Choreographed by: Katie Terrett (UK)

Choreographed to: We R Who We R on Animal by Ke$ha

Intro: 16 Style: Pop / Disco

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Last updated: 29th March 2011
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Count Footwork
SECTION 1 (Facing Left Diagonal) R Rocking Chair, Step R Hitch L, L Coaster Cross (12.00) R Chasse (or) Full Turn Roll R.
1&2& Facing L Diagonal- Forward Rock Right & Back Rock R & (recover onto left)
3-4 Step Right Forward, Hitch Left.
5&6 Left Coaster Cross (straighten up to 12.00/front wall)
7&8 Right Chasse (or) Turn 1/4 R stepping R forward, Turn 1/2 stepping L back, 1/4 Turn side R.
SECTION 2 (Facing Right Diagonal) L Rocking Chair, Step L Hitch R, R Coaster Step (12.00) L Lock R.
1&2& Facing R Diagonal- Forward Rock Left & Back Rock L & (recover onto right)
3-4 Step Left Forward, Hitch Right
5&6 Right Coaster Step (straighten up to 12.00/front wall)
7-8 Step Left Forward, Lock Right Behind
SECTION 3 L Lock Step, Step R 1/2 Turn L, Kick & Side Rock (x2)
1&2 Step Left Forward, Lock Right, Step Left Forward (12.00)
3-4 Step Right 1/2 Turn Left.
5&6& Kick Right Forward & Side Rock Left & (recover R) (6.00)
7&8& Kick Left Forward & Side Rock Right & (recover L)
SECTION 4 Cross R Hold & Cross Shuffle, Side L, R Sailor Step R Forward, Step L Forward.
1-2& Cross Right, Hold, Close L (&)
3&4 Right Cross Shuffle.
5 Side Left.
6&7 Right Sailor Step Right Forward.
8 Step Left Forward.
SECTION 5 Kick R & Touch R Back, Turn 1/4 L, Swivel Heels, Turn 1/4 L, Hook, L Dorothy Step.
1&2 Kick Right Forward & (recover R) Touch Left Back.
3 Turn 1/4 Left (feet apart) (3.00)
4&5 Swivel Right Heel to the centre & (replace R) Swivel Left Heel to the centre Turn 1/4 Left (12.00)
6 Hook Left.
7-8& Step Left Forward, Lock Right behind L, Step Left Forward (Dorothy)
SECTION 6 R Dorothy Step, Forward Rock L, Side Rock L, L Sailor Step, R Sailor 1/4 Turn R.
1-2& Step Right Forward, Lock Left behind R, Step Right Forward (Dorothy)
3&4& Forward Rock Left & (recover R) Side Rock Left & (recover R)
5&6 Left Sailor Step.
7&8 Right Sailor 1/4 Turn R, Step Right Forward (3.00)
SECTION 7 Full Turn Left, Step L Back, Drag R & Walk (x2) Forward Rock L.
1-2 Turn 1/2 Left stepping forward Left (9.00) Turn 1/2 Left stepping Right Back (3.00)
3-4 Step Left Back, Drag Right towards L.
&5-6 Step Right next to Left (&) Walk Left, Right.
7-8 Forward Rock Left, Recover onto Right.
SECTION 8 L Coaster Step, R Vaudeville, L Vaudeville (Cross & Heel) Step R 1/2 Turn L.
1&2 Left Coaster Step
3&4& Cross Right, Side Left (&) Touch Right Heel to R diagonal, Recover R (&)
5&6& Cross Left, Side Right (&) Touch Left Heel to L diagonal, Recover L (&)
7-8 Step Right 1/2 Turn Left (9.00)
ENDING Dance up to Count 5&6 of Section 1 (L Coaster Cross) Add Unwind 1/2 Turn Right (Ends Facing Front Wall)
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