48 Count 4 Walls Improver

Choreographed by: JaneC (UK) (1st March 2013)

Choreographed to: Tangled Up on The Shocking Miss Emerald by Caro Emerald

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Last updated: 29th March 2013
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Count Footwork
1 Hitch steps, rock recover, side touch
1-2-3-4 Hitch right, step across left, hitch left, step across right
5-6-7-8 Rock right across left, recover left, long step right to right side, touch left
2 Mambo 1/2 turn L, hold, full turn, hold
1-2-3-4 Rock forwrad left, recover onto right making 1/2 turn left stepping foward left, hold
5-6-7-8 Step right making 1/4 turn left, step left making 1/2 turn left, step right making 1/4 turn left, hold (6 o'clock)
3 Rock & cross, flick, 1/4 shuffle L
1-2-3-4 Rock left to the side, recover onto right, cross left in front of right, flick right behind left
5-6-7-8 Step right back making a 1/4 turn left, step left to right, step back on right, kick left (3 o'clock)
4 Rock recover 1/2, coaster cross, sweep
1-2-3-4 Rock back on left, recover on right making 1/2 turn right, step back on left, kick right (9 o'clock)
5-6-7-8 Step back right, step left to right, cross right in front of left, sweep left around from back to front
5 Weave left, sweep, weave right, hitch
1-2-3-4 Cross left over right, step right to side, step left behind right, sweep right around from front to back
5-6-7-8 step right behind left, step left to left side, step right in front of left, hitch left making 1/4 turn right
6 Hitch half L, Hitch half R, 3/4 turn L, touch
1-2-3-4 Step forward left, hitch right making 1/2 turn left, step forward right, hitch left making 1/2 turn right
5-6-7-8 Step forward left, step right back making 1/2 turn left, long step left to side making 1/4 turn left, touch right to left.
  To end the dance step forward oin right, sweep left around making half turn to the 12 o'clock wall, touch left
Dance Script

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