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Helen A.Walker

Helen A.Walker

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I began dancing at an early age, but generally wiggling about to begin with, and then night clubbing. My Dad was formally trained in jazz, tap, modern, you name it he did it. We both got involved in a local church group that line danced and did patterned partner dances as well as freestyle in 1994. By 1996 We had gained the acclaimed D&G and BWDA certification, we later went on to work with NTA as well. We opened the doors to the Silver Star Western Dance Club of the west Midlands and taught line, partner and freestyle dances and technique through till the end of 2000. My Dad has long gone but I carry his spirit in dance now with me all the time. In England, Scotland, Wales and the US I have danced, choreographed, taught and competed. I am a native of Birmingham, England but chose to seek a new career in the United States which is where I currently reside. I earned my Bachelors Degree in Elementary Education, majoring in the creative arts at Wolverhampton University, England. I earned my Masters degree from Francis Marion, Florence. I am also a National Board Certified music teacher. Presently I dance and teach in South Carolina, USA. If it wasn't for my dancing I think i'd shrivel up and vanish into insignificance, I love it, it's a passion!!!

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