Satisfy My Soul

32 Count 4 Walls Intermediate

Choreographed by: Kash Bane (UK) (1st April 2011)

Choreographed to: Satisfy My Soul on Satisfy My Soul by Paul Carrack

Style: Latin

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Last updated: 6th April 2011
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Count Footwork
1-5 Step, 1/4 turn rock, 1/2 turn ronde
1-3 Step left foot to left side, make a 1/4 turn back over right shoulder stepping back on right foot (put all weight on right foot), recover forward by placing weight over left foot
4-5 Make a 1/2 turn over left shoulder (on ball of left foot) while producing a slow ronde with right foot round to the front
6-8 Rumba walks
6-8 Walk forward right, left, right (these walks should be done ball-heel rather than heel-ball like a normal walk)
1-3 Hold, Slow spiral
1-2-3 Hold for one count, produce a 3/4 slow spiral over left shoulder by turning on balls of both feet (you should end up with left foot crossed over the right with all weight in the right foot)
4&5 1 1/4 Rolling spiral left
4&5 Step left foot forward making a 1/4 turn to your left, step right foot forward, make a further 1/2 turn on balls of both feet producing a spiral turn (you should be facing the same wall as the rumba walks with left leg crossed over right and all weight in right foot)
6-8 Rock, Ronde, Cross
6-7-8 Rock forward onto the left foot, recover back onto the right foot and while doing this ronde the left foot around and behind the right, step onto the left foot behind the right
1-4 Hold, Rock
1-2-3-4 Hold for one count, Rock all weight to the right with right foot (push right hip out to right side), recover onto left foot, step right next to left
5-8 Hold, Rock
5-6-7-8 Hold for one count, Rock all weight to left side on left foot (push hip out to left side), recover onto right foot, step left next to right
1-4 Step, Cross, Step, Step, Drag
1-2-3&4 Step right foot back, cross left over right, step right foot back, step left foot back, drag right foot into left (do not put weight onto it)
5-8 Switch, Step, 1/2 Swivel turn, Cross
5-6-7-8 Switch weight in place so weight is now on right foot, step forward on left foot, make a 1/2 turn over left shoulder by bringing thr right foot next to left, cross right foot over left
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