Rockin' In The USA

32 Count 2 Walls Beginner

Choreographed by: Kim Nolan (UK) (1st August 2013)

Choreographed to: Rockin' In The USA by Wayne Jacobs 144 BPM

Intro: 16

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Last updated: 21st August 2013
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Count Footwork
Enter count here Music: Rockin™ In The USA by Wayne Jacobs (available on iTunes and Amazon) Start on lyrics
1 Toe Struts x 2, Jazz Box, Turn
1-4 Touch R Toe fwd, drop heel, Touch L Toe fwd, drop heel
5-8 Cross R over left, Step back on left, Turn ¼ right and step R fwd, Step L next to right
2 Kick, Weave, Kick, Behind, Side, Together
1-4 Kick R out on right diagonal, Cross R behind L, Step L to side, Cross R over left
5-8 Kick L out on left diag., Cross L behind R, Step R to side, Step L together (raise arms on kicks tilting body slightly left as you right kick, then tilt body slightly right as you left kick)
3 Diag Step, Hold, Diag Step, Hold, Forward Swivels
1-2 (keep on balls of feet for this section) Step R fwd to right diag, Hold
3-4 Step L fwd to left diag, Hold
5-6 Step R fwd toes turned out R, twist ball of R centre & step L fwd toes turned out to L, twist ball of L to centre simultaneously
7-8 Repeat 5-6
  (during swivels shake hands out at sides (Jazz hands) for dazzling effect and try to travel forward if you can)
4 Side, Together, Turn,(or Grapevine & turn),Touch, Point, Tog, x 2
1-4 Step R to side, Step L next to right, Turn ¼ right and Step fwd on R, Touch L next to right
5-8 Point L to left, Step L next to right, Point R to right, Touch R next to left
  Tag: 4 ct simple tag of Kick Ball Change x 2 (end of wall 2, 6 & 10 tip: the music should guide you when)
1 Kick Right foot forward & click fingers
&2 Step back on ball of Right, then step on to Left (change weight to left)
3&4 Repeat 1 & 2
  Ending: (after jazz box ct.8) - end with 3 x kick ball changes and pose arms stretched as you stamp R fwd shout Ye ha
  It is a bouncy rockin song so keep the steps light and bouncy and use your arms where mentioned for dazzling effect but most of all I hope you have fun. HAPPY DANCING Love, Kim x
  Copyright: Kim Nolan - England, UK 2013 Email:
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