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Diane Blairs

Diane Blairs

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Dancing has always been my passion that’s featured throughout my life, starting as a child with ballet, progressing to ballroom as a teenager, with a period in the U.S.A. where I had the opportunity to study modern jazz for two years. On my return to England, I joined the ‘Bob Dale’ studio, for Latin classes in the city of Manchester my home town, where I had the pleasure and good fortune of dancing with the ‘Bob Dale’ formation team. Marriage, business, & family were my main focus for the next few years, later moving to North Wales, I discovered line dancing, which was a sheer delight & has been for many years. Maggie G weekends, have been a great inspiration, in my love of this wonderful pastime. The variety of music & choreography is a big plus in my life, thank goodness I have a husband, who is totally supportive, (who does not dance) but loves the music & is very tolerant when forced by me to watch the latest dance I have choreographed. Our son lives in Toronto, therefore, I spend a great deal of my time in that wonderful city, which allows me to be a member of two vibrant line dance clubs. Now a relatively new retiree, I find myself devoting more time to my choreography.

DAP May 14