Quench My Desire

40 Count 4 Walls Intermediate

Choreographed by: Helen J Spaven (UK) (1st August 2009)

Choreographed to: Give In To Me on Dangerous by Michael Jackson

Intro: 16 Style: Pop / Disco

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Last updated: 9th September 2009
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Count Footwork
1 Step left, behind and infront, shoulder pops, look right
1 Step left to left side.
2&3 Step right behind left. Step left to left side. Step right infront of left. ( end with body at 45 degree angle to left) .
&4 Pop right shoulder up.
5&6 Pop shoulders left right left.
&7-8 Look right. Hold.
2 Step left, lock step step, touch unwind, cross, 1/4 chasse left.
1 Turn 1/4 left stepping left forward.
2&3 Lock right behind left. Step left forward. Step right forward.
4-5 Touch left behind right. Unwind 1/4 turn left.
6 Cross right over left.
7&8 Turning 1/4 turn left stepping left forward. Close right next to left. Step left forward.
3 Touch, hold, point, chest pump, toe heel hitch, behind and infront.
&1-2 Touch right diagonally behind left. Hold.
3&4 Point right toe to right side bending left knee slightly. Pop both shoulders back (chest pump).
5&6 Tap right toe next to left. Tap right heel turning right knee out. Hitch right knee with it turned out to right side slightly.
7&8 Step right behind left. Step left to left side. Cross right infront of left.
4 Heel bounces, 'wax' hops with a cross, walk left right left, right kick and point.
1&2 Turn 1/4 turn left bouncing heels 3 times.
3& Hop twice to left side on left foot with right knee hitched up and slightly turned out to right side. ( right hand does circular motions -think waxing a car).
4 Cross right over left.
5&6 Turn 1/4 left stepping left forward. Walk forward right left.
7&8 Kick right forward. Step right to place. Point left toe to left side.
5 Touch, kick, left coaster, hands over eyes, open curtains, point left toe.
1-2 Tocuh left next to right. Kick left forward.
3&4 Step left back. Step right next to left. Step left forward.
5 Hands over eyes with arms straight and parallell to shoulders.
6 Keeping line and hands over eyes turn hands so palms face outwards.
7 Still keeping same position move hands apart to reveal eyes as if opening curtains.
8 Point left toe to left side and look left.
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