Puss In Boots

64 Count 2 Walls Improver

Choreographed by: Giles Redpath (UK)

Choreographed to: The Puss Suite on Puss In Boots Soundtrack by Henry Jackman 127 BPM

Intro: 32 Style: Other

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Last updated: 8th February 2012
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Count Footwork
1 Chasse R, back rock, chasse L, back rock.
1&2,3-4 Chasse R, rock L behind R, recover on R,
5&6,7,8 Chasse L, rock R behind L, recover on L,
2 Walk L,R, step, half turn, step, full turn, cross.
9-10 Walk forward R,L,
11-13 Step R forward, 1/2 turn L, step R forward,
14-15 Full turn over R shoulder stepping L then R,
16 Step L over R foot, 'ole'
3 Cross rock, R chasse, cross rock chasse,
17-18,19&20 Bring R foot round across L and rock step, chasse R,
21-22,23&24 Cross rock L over R, rock back on R, chasse L,
4 Step,lock,step R diagonally, cross touch, repeat L,
25-26 Step R diag forward, Lock L behind R,
27-28 Step R foot forward, Cross touch L foot over R,
29-30 Step L diag forward, Lock R foot behind L,
31-32 Step L foot forward, Cross touch R foot over L,
5 Step, point x2, jazz box 1/4 cross,
33-34 Step R forward, point L to side,
35-36 Step L forward, point R to side,
37-40 Jazz box, 1/4 turn R, cross L over R,
6 R chasse, rock step, full turn R moving L, step back R,
41&42 Chasse R,
43-44 Rock back L, forward on R,
45-48 Rolling grapevine to L, (inside turn R whilst travelling L), rock back on R,
7 L and R shuffle, mambo forward, coaster step back,
49-51 L and R shuffle forward,
53-56 L mambo forward, R coaster step back,
8 Step ½ turn step, step ¼ R, L mambo forward, R rock step back,
57-60 Step L forward, ½ turn over R, step L forward ¼ turn R,
61-64 L Mambo forward, rock R back, forward on L.
RESTARTS Once you have danced it a few times you will hear the music change for the restarts.
Wall 2 Restart after step 59 (1/4 turn L keeping weight on L),
Wall 4 Repeat 1st 8 counts,
Wall 5 Restart after step 31 (Step L diagonal)
Wall 6 Restart after step 62 (L mambo forward)
  Or don't bother at all as it still fits taking care of the timing!
Dance Script

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