Only Love Can Hurt Like This

48 Count 4 Walls Intermediate

Choreographed by: Helen Richards (UK) (1st May 2014)

Choreographed to: Only Love Can Hurt Like This on A Perfect Contradiction by Paloma Faith 91 BPM

Intro: 24 Style: Other

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Last updated: 27th June 2014
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Count Footwork
1 Forward Rock, Back Shuffle with ½ Turn, Back Shuffle with ½ Turn, Rock Back
1-2 Right Rock forward. Recover onto Left.
3&4 Shuffle step backwards with ½ turn, starting on the right.
5&6 Shuffle step backwards with ½ turn, starting on the left.
Option Counts 3&4, 5&6 Shuffle back (without turns) x2
7-8 Right Rock Back, Recover onto Left.
2 Full Turn, Rock, Cross Shuffle, Sway, Sway
1&2 Full Turn (Stepping Right, Left, Right)
Option Counts 1&2 Right Step. Left Step, Right Step
3-4 Left Rock Back. Recover onto Right
5-6 (To the left diagonal) Cross Left over Right. Step Right to the side. Cross Left over Right
7&8 Step Right to side Sway Right. Sway Left.
3 Side Rock, Cross Shuffle, Side Rock, Cross Behind, Step ¼ Turn, Step
1-2 Right Side Rock. Recover onto Left.
3&4 Right Cross shuffle.
5-6 Left Side Rock. Recover onto Right.
7&8 Left Cross behind right. ¼ turn stepping onto right. Left Step.
Restart Wall 2: Restart dance from beginning
4 Rock, Shuffle, Full Turn, Shuffle
1-2 Right Rock Forward. Recover on left. (keeping left foot behind)
3&4 Right Shuffle Forward.
5-6 Full Turn (travelling forward over two steps, Left, Right).
Option Counts 5-6 Walk forward Step Left, Step Right.
7&8 Left Shuffle Forward.
Restart Wall 5: Hold for music to restart - Restart dance from beginning (on lyric: This)
5 Rock & Rock, Point behind ½ Turn, Shuffle.
1-2 Right Rock Forward. Recover onto Left.
& Use the & beat to swap weight from Left to Right.
3-4 Left Rock Forward. Recover onto Right.
5-6 Point Left leg behind. ½ Turn stepping onto the Left.
7&8 Right Forward shuffle.
6 Cross, Step, Step, Cross, Step, Step, Step ½ Turn, Side Step, Step, Cross
1&2 Cross Left over Right, Right Step behind, Left Step (bringing both feet back together)
3&4 Cross Right over Left, Left Step behind, Right Step (bringing both feet back together)
5-6 Step Left, ½ Turn (stepping onto Right)
7&8 Left Side Step. Right Step, Cross Left Step (cross Left over Right)
  Wall 8: Dance to count 26 (Right Rock Forward. Recover on Left) Right Point Cross back right over left. End of Dance
Dance Script

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