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Gordon Timms

Gordon Timms

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I've been dancing for over 60 years, I started at a very early age! My mother was an accomplished singer and dancer and in my early teens I was to taught to Ballroom dance. In the late fifties – early sixties I was dancing at competition level all over the South West. I continued dancing socially after I married Glenys in 1967. In 1998 I had to curtail my dancing for nearly a year due to suffering a heart attack, Glenys carried on without me and learnt to Line Dance! I joined her in 1999 and the rest is history. I started my new excursion into line dance choreography in 2002, I have written over 90 dances now, all which are available to download from my website…and all the usual dance sites. In recent years I have concentrated on writing to Latin rhythms…I have made no secret to the fact that my first love is still with Ballroom and Latin American Dancing. I do try to adapt my Ballroom & Latin experience and techniques into my choreography as best I can… and always try to feel the rhythm and music that will dictate the choreography. I also try to find tracks that others have not choreographed to… to make my dances more of an individual nature. My dances have been taught and danced all over the world…there are many videos of my choreography on the You Tube site and many others... I hope you enjoy my efforts and thank you for your support.