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Marjorie Barnabas-Shaw

Marjorie Barnabas-Shaw

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One who cannot possibly boast of having had much formal dance training except for a stint or two in Ballroom Dancing at the YWCA, a bit of Jazz and Cultural Dances .... a very long time ago. "Growing-up" smack in the discotheque era, being engulfed in the moving laser track beam lightings, culminating in experiencing the great many variations in music beats in clubs around the world, I would gladly join in the dance sessions lead by some of the very good dancers who possessed outstanding repertoires. As luck would have it, my dance experiences evolved when I was favourably seconded to London and then Sydney, Australia to pick up club set-up and management ideas at a time when back home, the establishment was about to open up our very own dance-club discotheques. I thoroughly enjoyed the experiences of being part of the music and dance scene in the likes of the Hippodrome, Stringfellows, Camden Palace and many more elsewhere. As for moving with the music, my love and passion for dancing never stopped there. I have been Line Dancing for the past 9 years, coaching for 6 years for corporate sports clubs, their annual events and conducted various linedance workshops. Dancing, coaching and choreography plays an integral part in my lifestyle. Being a dance instructress has its sweetest rewards when you see the look on the face of an absolute beginner after a dance session, knowing that, Yes!, anyone can dance, all one needs to have is rhythm!. I do love originality and experimenting with moves that are a bit "out of the norm".

DAP May 14