My Lime Pie

32 Count 4 Walls Improver

Choreographed by: Georg Kiesewetter (DE) (1st January 2009)

Choreographed to: Key Lime Pie on Be As You Are by Kenny Chesney

Style: Country

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Last updated: 19th January 2009
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Count Footwork
A Full Turn (ccw), Cuban Rocks
1 turn 1/4 left and step left foot forward (this count is only danced once starting the dance. After that section D comes with another step '1')
2 Turn 1/2 left stepping right foot back
3 Turn 1/4 left stepping left foot sideward
4-5 sway hip right and take weight
6 sway hip left
7 sway hip right
8-1 sway hip left and take weight
B Cross, 1/4 Turn (cw), Slow Back, Coaster Step, Hold
2 cross right in front of left
3 turn 1/4 right stepping left foot back
4-5 step right foot back and take weight
6 step left foot back
7 step right next to left
8-1 step forward left and take weight
C Cross, Full Spiral Turn (ccw) into Rumba Box
2 cross right in front of left
3 turn around on both balls. Keep weight on right. You will end with twisted feet forming a figure '4' standing on right.
4-5 step left foot forward and take weight
6 step right to right
7 step left next to right
8-1 step right foot back and take weight
D Back, Touch In Front, Slow Side, Cross Rock, Replace, 1/4 Turn (ccw) and take weight
2 step left foot back
3 Touch right in front of right tip
4-5 step ride to right and take weight
6 cross rock left across right
7 recover on right
8-1 turn 1/4 left step forward onto left foot and take weight
  Repeat from Count 2
Dance Script

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