M B Angel (Morecambe Bay Angel)

16 Count 4 Walls Beginner

Choreographed by: Ryan King (UK) (1st November 2012)

Choreographed to: Better Than I Used To Be on Emotional Traffic by Tim McGraw

Intro: 8 Style: Country

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Last updated: 10th December 2012
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Count Footwork
1 Nightclub Basic Forward, Rock Recover Step, Coaster Step, Sweep, Cross Side Behind, Sweep, Behind Side
1 2 & Step forward on right, Rock Forward Left, Recover onto Right.
3 4 & Step Back Left, Step Back Right, Step Left next to Right.
5 6 & Step Forward Right Sweeping Left Infront, Cross Left over Right, Step Right to Right Side.
7 8 & Step Back Left Sweeping Right Behind, Step Right Behind Left, Step Left to Left Side.
2 R Cross Rock Recover, L Cross Rock Recover, 1/4 L Walk x 2, Rocking Chair
1 2 & Cross Rock Right over Left, Recover onto Left, Step Right to Right Side.
3 4 & Cross Rock Left over Right, Recover onto Right, Step 1/4 Left.
5 6 Walk Forward Right, Walk Forward Left.
7 & 8 & Rock Forward Right, Recover Left, Rock Back Right, Recover Left.
  Written for the Saloon Drifters weekend in Morecambe. Dance named by the people who attended the event. Also available as a partner dance.
Dance Script

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