Lemon And Lime

32 Count 2 Walls Beginner

Choreographed by: Julie Curd and Class (UK) (1st August 2011)

Choreographed to: Not Without Us by DJ Otzi

Style: Pop / Disco

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Last updated: 30th August 2011
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Count Footwork
Section 1 Charlston x 2
1-2 Step right forward, kick left forward
3-4 Step left foot back touch right toe back
5-8 Repeat the above 4 counts
Section 2 Shuffle Foward Right, Shuffle Forward Left, Shuffle Back Right, Shuffle Back Left.
1&2 Step right forward slight diagonal, close left beside right.Step right forward.
3&4 Step left forward slight diagonal left, close right beside left.Step left forward.
5&6 Step right back slight diagonal,close left beside right Step right back.
7&8 Step left back slight diagonal close right beside left step left back.
Section 3 Right Jazz box in place. Right Jazz box with 1/4 turn right.
1-4 Cross right over left, step back left, step right to right side, close left to meet right.
5-8 Cross right over left, step back left, turn 1/4 turn right with right foot bring left to meet it.
Section 4 Syncopated Rumba Box. Side Touch, 1/4 Turn Touch.
1&2 Step right to the right side, bring left to meet right, step right forward.
3&4 Step left to the left side, bring right to meet left, step left back.
5-6 Step right to the right side, touch left toe behind right.
7-8 Turn 1/4 right while stepping on left foot, touch right toe beside left.
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