Hitch Stroll

32 Count 4 Walls Beginner

Choreographed by: Micaela Svensson Erlandsson (SE) (1st August 2012)

Choreographed to: Tall Tall Trees on A Chance To Dance by The Dean Brothers 146 BPM

Intro: 20 Style: Country

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Last updated: 30th August 2012
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Count Footwork
Section 1  
  Modified Rumba box Right Forward
1-4 Step right to right side, Step left beside right, Step right forward, Hold.
Step left to left side, Step 5-8 right beside left, Step left foot back, Hitch right knee up.
Section 2  
  Lock back right, Hitch Left, Lock Back left, Hitch Right
1-4 Step back right. Lock left across right. Step back right. Hitch left knee up.
5-8 Step back left. Lock right across left. Step back left. Hitch right knee up.
Easy Option: Replace the lock step, in section 2, with slow shuffles back, with a hitch
Section 3  
  Step right forward, Hitch left, Step left forward, Hitch right , Grapevine right, Hitch left
1-4 Step right foot forward, Hitch left knee up, Step left foot forward, Hitch right knee up.
Restart here On wall 6, facing 3 o'clock
5-8 Step right to right, Step right behind left, Step right to right, Hitch left knee up.
Section 4  
  Grapevine left, Turning ¼ left, Hitch right, step right forward, Hold, Turn ½ left, Hold
1-4 Step left to left, Step right behind left, Turn ¼ left stepping forward on left, Hitch right knee up.
5-8 Step right forward, Hold, Turn ½ left, Hold (leaving the weight on your left foot).
Start over  
  Restart on wall 6, after step 4 in section 3 facing 3 o'clock
Dance Script

Alternative Tracks:

Tall Tall Trees on The Greatest Collection by Alan Jackson (Search For Music) Apple iTunes , 146 BPM

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