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Derek Robinson

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I have been teaching linedancing for 12 years. I am now retired which allows me more time for teaching (twice or three times a week) and choreography. My particular passion is my mid-week afternoon class which consists of quite a few retired people; the majority being at the beginner level, and a few experienced dancers from my past classes. It has developed into a kind of Social Club with tea and biscuits and many, many laughs. I have had considerable success with my choreographed dances recently. 'Pitter Patter'to the music "Have You Ever Seen The Rain" by 'Smokie' has been taught extensively throughout America and Europe by Max Perry and in Canada by Michelle Peron. It was one of the three most popular dances in Spain last year, along with Chill Factor and Jamaican Run. My dance 'Love And Happiness' to the Mark Knopfler and Emmylou track of the same name has been published internationally and has done particularly well in Holland where it was in the Dutch Top 20 chart for about 8 months; and the video {in Dutch) can be seen on YouTube. I have also had 'Never Had A Broken Heart' to the Heather Myles track published. My wife and I also run a monthly Line Dance in Lancaster which we started because there seemed to be a distinct lack of Social Dances in our area.

DAP May 14