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Christopher Petre

Christopher Petre

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Christopher Petre began line dancing in 1999 and quickly became addicted. He started by religiously attended weekly classes with Kathy Hunyadi, learning how to move his body to such dances as "Mambo Jambo," "Arriba," "Majik Touch" and "Now or Never." (She still affectionately refers to him as her "Sponge," for his natural ability to learn new dances so quickly.) He not only met and proposed to his lovely wife Lindsay on the dance floor, but also was wed to her, at a line dance event, by the renowned Reverend Max Perry. At JG2's Line Dance Marathon, Christopher and Lindsay where there for their good friend and future Best Man, Peter Metelnick who pulled a calf muscle and was barely able to walk. They led classes from the platform as Peter gave instruction from a seated position with his bum leg raised! This dedication to dance, along with his smooth dancing style and unusual, award-winning choreography, led to his becoming sought after as a line dance instructor. He currently manages Country Dance Night Thursdays at the Terrace Club in Stamford, Connecticut, as well as instructing at other local venues, a weekly class in Ardsley, New York, a monthly workshop in Nyack, NY, and contributed to Alan Kohn's monthly dances in Mt. Kisco, NY. He also often instructs at Dan Albro's Saturday workshops at the Mishnock Barn in Rhode Island, not to mention his repeated engagements in New York's Catskill Mountains at the Mishnock and Friends Hudson Valley Weekends. From Canada to Cancun, Christopher (don't call him Chris!) is almost universally recognized in our dance community, and even now on an international level, as Christopher-with-the-Curly-Moustache, due to his handlebar styling. And whether in tight blue jeans or baggy hip-hop pocketed pants, you will always see him in a rolled brim, straw cowboy hat with an ever-present bandanna.

DAP May 14