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Eddie Huffman

Eddie Huffman

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I am a late comer to line dancing compared to many folks. My wife (Elaine) and I have been line dancing about 10 years and we absolutely love it. I think we learned line dancing from the best instructor and friend, Tommy Bailey and his wife, Lynn. Tommy not only taught me to dance but also to teach. Lynn was very much the encourager when it came time to teach. From teaching I tried choreographing and I applaud ALL choreographers for making the dances so fun and challenging. I am truly blessed to have one of my dances (Already Gone) published in the June 2008 edition of Linedancer Magazine. This I feel is very honorable and for me a lifetime achievement. I am so grateful for the many years of dancing but most of all for the countless number of friends we have met. Keep dancing, having fun and live life to its fullest. Blessings to all, Eddie

DAP May 14