Easton Express

32 Count 4 Walls Improver

Choreographed by: Julie Lockton (Benidorm) (ES)

Choreographed to: 9 - 5 Morning Train on The Very Best of by Sheena Easton

Intro: 32 Style: Pop / Disco

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Last updated: 12th July 2012
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Count Footwork
Section 1 Shuffle Forward, Shuffle Forward, Walk, Walk, Walk, Kick
1&2 Shuffle Forward (Right-Left-Right)
3&4 Shuffle Forward (Left-Right-Left)
5-6-7-8 Walk Forward Right, Walk Forward Left, Walk Forward Right, Kick Left Forward
Section 2 ½ Turn Shuffle Back, Walk, Walk, ¼ Turn Shuffle, Kick Ball Touch
1&2 ½ Turn over left - Shuffle Left-Right-Left to 6 o/c
3-4 Walk Forward Right, Walk Forward Left
5&6 ¼ Turn over Left – Shuffle Right-Left-Right (3 o/c)
7&8 Kick left forward, step down onto left ball, TOUCH right to left side
Section 3 Grapevine, Clap, Left Chasse, Rock Recover
1-2-3-4 Step Right to Right Side, step left behind Right, step Right to Right Side, bring left to TOUCH right & Clap
5&6 Step Left to left side, step right to meet left, step left to left side (Side-together-side)
7-8 Rock back on the Right, recover onto left
Section 4 Half turn Monterey, Rocking Chair
1-2 Touch right to side, turn ½ right (to 9 o/c) and step right together
3-4 Touch left to side, step left together
5-6-7-8 Rock Forward onto Right, recover onto left, rock back on right, recover onto left
  End of Dance!
Additional End of WALLS 2 + 5 + 8 (easy four count tag)
  Jazz Box
1-2-3-4 Cross right over left, step back on left, step right to right side, step left to right (Weight onto left)
  Enjoy my Dance!
  Dedicated to my Late Nan, Alice, with Love
Dance Script

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