Dust Off My Boots

32 Count 4 Walls Improver

Choreographed by: Arne Stakkestad (BE) (1st July 2010)

Choreographed to: Dust Off My Boots on Dust Off My Boots by George McAnthony

Style: Country

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Last updated: 14th July 2010
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Count Footwork
1-8 Side Stomp, Back Stomp, Hook And Slap, Step Forw, Hook And Slap, Step Backw, ½ R Step Forw, Kick Forw
1-2 RF stomp to Right side, LF stomp backwards
3-4 RF hook before Lknee and slap Lhand, RF step Forward
5-6 LF hook behind Rknee and slap Rhand, LF step backwards
7-8 ½ right step RF forward, kick LF forward (6h)
9-16 Step Backw, Flick, Cross, Side Kick, Cross, Side Kick, Stomps Beside
1-2 LF step backwards, RF kick backwards
3-4 RF cross before LF, LF kick left side
5-6 LF cross before RF, RF kick right side
7-8 RF stomp beside LF, RF stomp beside LF
17-24 Side Step, Stomp And Clap, ¼ R Side Step, Stomp And Clap, Slow Coasterstep, Scuff
1-2 RF step right side, LF stomp beside RF and clap
3-4 ¼ right LF step left side, RF stomp beside LF and clap (9h)
5-6 RF step backwards, LF step beside RF
7-8 RF step forward, LF scuff beside RF
25-32 Rolling Vine Left, Cross, Stomp Beside, Step Forw, Flick, Kick
1-2 ¼ left LF step Forward, ½ left RF step backward
3-4 ¼ left LF step left side, RF cross before LF
5-6 LF stomp beside RF, LF step before RF
7-8 RF kick backwards, RF kick forward
  Dance the 4th wall until count 16 (RF stomp), and start again
Dance Script

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