Dirty Tricks

32 Count 2 Walls Improver

Choreographed by: Si Birchwood (UK) (1st January 2014)

Choreographed to: Step Off by Kacey Musgraves

Style: Country

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Last updated: 27th January 2014
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Count Footwork
Sect 1 Right Lock Step, Left Lock Step, Syncopated Jazz Box and Weave
1&2 Step RIght Forward, Lock Left Behind Right. Step Right Forward
3&4 Step Left Forward, Lock Right Behind Left. Step Left Forward
5&6& Right Cross, Left Back, Right Side, Left Cross
7&8& Right Side, Left Behind Right, Right Side, Cross Left Over Right 12:00
  *** RESTART Here on Wall 3
Sect 2 Rhumba Box, Right Back Lock Step, Shuffle 1/2 Turn Left
1&2 Right Side, Close Left To Right, Step Right Forward
3&4 Left Side, Close Right To Left, Step Back On Left
5&6 Step Back On Right, Lock Left In Front Of Right, Step Back On Right
7&8 Step Back Left ¼ Turn Left, Side Right ¼ Turn Left, Step Forward Left 06:00
Sect 3 Right Fwd Mambo, Left Back Mambo, Step Fwd Right, Pivot 1/2 Turn Left, (twice)
1&2 Rock Forward Right, Recover On Left. Step Right next to Left
3&4 Rock Back Left, Recover Fwd On Right. Step Left next to Right
5,6 Step Forward Right, Pivot ½ Turn Left 12:00
7,8 Step Forward Right, Pivot ½ Turn Left 06:00
Sect 4 "Fish Tail", Cross, Back, Side, Touch
1&2 Travelling Slightly to Right Diagonal - Forward Right, Lock, Right
&3& Travelling Slightly to Left Diagonal - Forward Left, Lock, Left
4 Forward Right
5,6 Cross Left Over Right, Back Right
7,8 Side Left, Touch Right beside Left
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