Bumpity Thump

32 Count 4 Walls Beginner

Choreographed by: Celina Tan & Christopher Hoe (SG) (1st November 2013)

Choreographed to: Sparklin' Look Of Love on Crystal Gayle by Crystal Gayle

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Last updated: 15th November 2013
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Count Footwork
1-8 Side Together Forward Kick x 2 (Half Box Forward x 2)
1-4 Step R to right side, Step L beside R, Step R forward, Kick L forward
5-8 Step L to left side, Step R beside L, Step L forward, Kick R forward
9-16 Step Lift x 4 (Completing a ½ R Turn Walk Around)
1-4 Step R forward, Lift L, Step L forward, Lift R (Starting the ½ R Turn)
5-8 Step R forward, Lift L, Step L forward, Lift R (Completing the ½ R Turn) [6]
17-24 ½ Right Turn Hold, ¼ Left Turn Hold
1-4 Step R forward, Recover on L, ½ R turn on L, Hold [12]
5-8 Step L forward, Recover on R, ¼ L turn on R, Hold** [9]
25-32 Shimmy Right Diagonal Clap Clap, Shimmy Left Diagonal Clap Clap
1-4 Shimmy shoulders RL stepping R forward to right diagonal, dragging L towards R, Clap x 2
5-8 Shimmy shoulders LR stepping L forward to left diagonal, dragging R towards L, Clap x 2
ENDING For the 9th and final wall, dance starts facing 12 o’clock, dance up to count 20. Replace counts 21-25 with the following for a front wall finish.
21-25 Walk forward LRLR, Point L to Left side spreading hands to the side
Dance Script

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