Born Free

64 Count 2 Walls Improver

Choreographed by: Laura Alberico (US)

Choreographed to: Born Free on Born Free by Kid Rock

Intro: 32

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Last updated: 28th February 2011
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Count Footwork
Section 1 R fwd diag. step, touch, step L back, sweep R into weave behind, side, cross, L side
1-4 Step R to fwd R diag.(1), touch L next to R(2), step L to L back diag.(3), sweep R behind L(4)
5-8 Step R behind L(5), step L side(6), cross step R over L(7), step L side (8)
Section 2 R back cross rock, recover, R toe/heel strut to side, L toe/heel cross strut, R toe/heel strut to side
1-4 R cross rock behind L(1), recover L facing R diag.(2), touch R toe to R side(3), drop heel(4)
5-8 Cross L over R touching L toe(5), drop heel(6), touch R toe to R side(7), drop heel(8)
Section 3 Facing R diag. L jazz box ending R over L squaring to wall, begin figure 8 stepping L side, behind, 1/4 turn L, R fwd
1-4 Facing R diag. step L over R(1), step R back(2), step L side squaring to wall(3), step R over L(4)
5-8 Step L side(5), step R behind L(6), 1/4 turn L onto L(7), step R fwd(8) 9:00
Section 4 Complete figure 8 making 1/2 turn L, 1/4 turn L, L behind, 1/4 turn R, L fwd, 1/2 turn R, 1/4 turn R, R side ***
1-4 1/2 turn L onto L(1), 1/4 turn L stepping R side(2), step L behind R(3), 1/4 turn R onto R(4)
5-8 Step L fwd(5), 1/2 turn R onto R(6), 1/4 turn R stepping L side(7), step R side(8) 12:00
Section 5 L fwd cross rock, recover, step L, kick R, step back bending knees, swivel 1/4 turn R, kick L twice
1-4 L cross rock over R(1), recover R(2), step L side(3), kick R fwd pointing toe to floor(4)
5-8 Step R next to L bending knees with weight on balls of feet(5), swivel 1/4 turn R straightening with weight on R(6), kick L fwd pointing toe to floor twice(7,8) 3:00
Section 6 L coaster, touch R, monterey 1/4 turn R **
1-4 Step L back(1), step R next to L(2), step L fwd(3), touch R next to L(4)
5-8 Touch R to side(5), 1/4 turn R stepping R next to L(6), touch L to side(7), step L next to R(8) 6:00
Section 7 R back, L together, walk fwd RL, R rocking chair
1-4 Step R back(1), step L next to R(2), walk fwd R(3), walk fwd L(4)
5-8 R rock step fwd(5), recover L(6), R rock step back(7), recover L(8)
Section 8 R rumba box
1-4 Step R side(1), step L next to R(2), step R fwd(3), touch L next to R(4)
5-8 Step L side(5), step R next to L(6), step L back(7), touch R next to L(8)
Restarts **Walls 2 & 4--Dance 48 steps (after monterey turn facing 12:00)......then restart
  ***Wall 6--Dance 32 steps (complete figure 8 facing 6:00) replacing step 32 with R touch next to L......then restart
NOTE: Song track is 5.13 long; dance til the vocals stop about 4.28
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