Blue Jeans Night

40 Count 4 Walls Improver

Choreographed by: Tony Myers (UK) (1st May 2011)

Choreographed to: Barefoot Blue Jeans Night on Barefoot Blue Jeans Night by Jake Owen

Intro: 16 Style: Country

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Last updated: 2nd June 2011
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Count Footwork
Section 1 Side, Together, Forward: Step Turn Step: Cross, Step Back: Side Chasse
1&2 Step right to side(1) Step left next to right(&) Step forward on right(2)
3&4 Step forward on left(3) Pivot 1/2 turn right(&) Step forward on left(4)(6:00)
5,6 Cross right over left(5) Step back on left(6)
7&8 Step right to side(7) Step left with right(&) Step right to side(8)
Section 2 Side Rock, Turn, Cross: Rock & Cross: Back, Cross, Turn: Back Step Lock Step
1&2 Rock left to side(1) Recover on right turning 1/4 right(&)Cross left over right(2)(9:00)
3&4 Rock right to side(3) Recover on left(&) Cross right over left(4)
5&6 Step back on left(5) Cross right over left(&) Turn 1/4 left stepping left to side(6)(6:00)
7&8 Step back on right(7) Cross left over right(&) Step back on right(8)
Section 3 Heel Taps X 3: Kick Ball Cross: Side, Slide: Behind, Side, Cross
1&2 Touch left forward tap heel down(1)Tap left heel down(&) Tap left heel down(2)
3&4 Kick left forward(3) Step down on left(&) Cross right over left(4)
5,6 Step left to side(5) Slide right towards left(6)
7&8 Step right behind left(7) Step left to side(&) Cross right over left(8)
Section 4 Back, Back, Cross: Turn, Touch, Touch: Cross Shuffle: & Cross Shuffle
1&2 Step back on left(1) Step back on right(&) Cross left over right(2)
3&4 Turn 1/4 left back on right(3) Touch left next to right(&) Touch left to side(4)(3:00)
5&6& Cross left over right(5) Step right to side(&) Cross left over right(6) Step right to side(&)
7&8 cross left over right(7) Step right to side(&) Cross left over right(8)
Section 5 Rock, Recover: Sailor Turn: Touch & Touch: & Kick Ball Point
1,2 Rock forward on right(1) Recover on left(2)
3&4 Step right behind left(3) Turn 1/4 right stepping back on left(&) Turn 1/4 right stepping forward on right(4)(9:00)
5&6& Touch left forward(5) Step left with right(&) Touch right forward(6) Step right with left(&)
7&8 Kick left forward(7) Step down on left(&) Point right to side(8)
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