Be Champions

32 Count 4 Walls Improver

Choreographed by: Justine Brown (UK) (1st October 2012)

Choreographed to: Hall Of Fame by The Script

Style: Pop / Disco

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Last updated: 8th October 2012
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Count Footwork
Section 1: Mambo Rock - Triple ½ Turn - Step ¼ - Weave Right
1 & 2 Left Rock Forward, Recover Onto Right, Step Left Back.
3 & 4 Turn ½ Right, Stepping (Right-Left-Right)
5 & 6 Step Left Forward, Pivot ¼ Right, Cross Left Over Right
& 7 & 8 Step Right To Right Side, Step Left Behind Right, Step Right To Right Side, Cross Left Over Right
& Recover The Weight Back On The Right Foot
Section 2: Night Club Basic - Side - Behind - ¼ Left - Step Forward - Pivot ½ - Step Forward
1 - 2 & Long Side Step Left, Rock Right Behind Left, Recover Weight Onto Left
3 - 4 & Long Side Step To Right, Rock Left Behind Right, Recover Weight Onto Right
5 & 6 Step Left To Left Side, Cross Right Behind, Turn ¼ Stepping Left Forward
7 & 8 Step Right Forward, Pivot ½ Left, Step Right Forward
Section 3: Walk - Walk - Scuff Hitch Step - Mambo Rock - Step Back - Point
1 - 2 Walk Forward Left, Walk Forward Right
3 & 4 Scuff Left Forward, Hitch Left Knee (Coming Up On Right Toe For Styling), Step Left Forward
5 & 6 Rock Right Forward, Recover Weight Onto Left, Step Back On Right
7 - 8 Step Back On Left (Placing It Slightly Behind Right foot on Diagonal Angle), Point Right To Side
Section 4: Heel Jack- Cross - Side - Step/Sweep - Cross- Turn ¼ - Coaster Step
1 & 2 Cross Right Over Left, Step Left To Left Side, Touch Right Heel Forward
& 3 -& Step Right Beside Left, Cross Left Over Right, Step Right To Right Side
4 Step Left Foot In Place While Sweeping Right Foot Round In Front Of Left (with a little flick for style)
5 - 6 Cross Right Over Left, ¼ Turn Stepping Back Onto Left
7 & 8 Step Right Back, Step Left Together, Step Right Forward
ending On final wall, facing 9.00 your on section 3.. step back turning ¼ to the front and end with right toe pointed to side
  Be students-Be teachers-Be politicians-Be preachers-Be believers-Be leaders-Be astronauts-Be champions-Be true seekers - Be yourself
Personal note: My 15 year old daughter left a post-it on my PC saying "Mum you need to write a dance to this track" I fell in love with the music, you can almost feel the song 'breathing'. Don't rush the dance, enjoy it and get lost in the music , like my daughter and I did.. This is a high improver level dance, but if you like the feel of the routine and want to make it more challenging there are a few extra tips on the tail end of the video..
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