A Sup Of The Fine Old Stuff

32 Count 4 Walls Improver

Choreographed by: Denis Flanagan (IE) (1st February 2012)

Choreographed to: Rare Old Mountain Dew on Green Roses by The Orthodox Celts.

Intro: 8 Style: Irish

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Last updated: 27th February 2012
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Count Footwork
  L, Kick-back-cross, L, Coaster cross, Hitch (Up)-back-heel. & heel & touch.
1&2 Kick Left Fwd, Step back (long) on Left, Cross step Right over left.
3&4 Step back on Left, Step Right beside Left, Cross step Left over Right
5&6& 5&6& Hitch Right knee (up), Step back on Right, Touch Left heel Fwd, Step Left next Right,
7&8 Touch Right heel Fwd, Step Right next to Left, Touch Left next to Right (12.00)
2 Hitch (Up), Chasse`s x3 (full turn). Hitch (Up) Shuffle Fwd.
&1&2 Hitch Left, knee (up) Step Left to left, Step Right next to Left, Step Left ¼ turn left, (9.00)
&3& Hitch Right knee (up) making ¼ turn Left, (6.00) Step Right to side Step Left next Right
4& Step Right to side, Hitch Left, knee (up) making ¼ turn Left, (3.00)
5&6 Step Left to left, Step Right next to Left, Step Left ¼ turn left (12.00)
&7&8 Hitch Right knee (up) Shuffle fwd Right-Left-Right (12.00)
  (Restart here from beginning on walls 1-3-5 = repeat first 16 counts) (The restarts effectively make the first (3) (front, left & back) walls 48 counts)
3 Cross Over ¼ turn L, shuffle ½ turn L, Step Fwd ½ turn R, Coaster step
1-2 Cross step Left over, Make ¼ turn left stepping back on Right (9.00)
3&4 Shuffle ½ turn left, stepping, L-R-L
5-6 Step fwd on Right, Make ½ turn right stepping back on Left
7&8 Step back on Right, Step Left next to Right, Step fwd on Right
4 3 Walks fwd heel split, Brush x3, & Point
1-2-3 Walk fwd Left - Right - Left, Swivel heels Out - In (weight on left)
5-6-7 Brush Right fwd, Brush Right back Over Left, Brush Right Fwd
&8 Step back on Right, Point Left to side
(&8) styling: right hand to forehead, left arm diagonally in line to left palms facing down
  Tag ("Have A Sup Of The Fine Old Stuff") 4 counts done at the end of wall 6 facing (3.00)
Count 1: Reach both hands forward grabbing an imaginary bottle & glass.
Count 2: Count 2: Pour yourself "A sup of the fine old stuff"
Count 3 Put the bottle back.
Count 4: Drink your drink, (start dance again, further duration is now 32 counts per wall )
  Remember "It`s all for the Craic"
Dance Script

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