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Robert Lindsay

Robert Lindsay

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I qualified as a UKA intructor with distinction in July 1997 and now travel all over the country making personal appearances and taking workshops. I have my own 6 classes who are all absolutely fab! I am a people person and like to have lots of fun. I have to date choreogrpahed 14 dances to a wide range of music. Line dancing introduced me to Country music which now I must admit is my favourite type of music to dance to. My own favourites include Hal Ketchum, Reba McIntyre and Shania Twain. I really enjoy working with people such as Sharon B and The Dean Brothers and the Ryes. My Motto is to have fun. We are on this earth for a very limited time and that time to me should include as many people as possible. I love my line dancing and recently was nominated for 4 awards in the Crystal Boots. The nominations were a complete surprise and all the good wishes completely overwhelmed me. There are such a lot of really nice people out there!! Keep it fun and I hope to see you around. Robert