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Lisa Ferguson

Lisa Ferguson

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When I was 16 I came across line dancing. My teacher decided to organise a world record line dance on the sea front in aid of Breakthrough Breast Cancer. The class helped out. We all joined in and had great fun. I saw it advertised in town but was too shy to go on my own. That summer we went on holiday to Cornwall and they were doing line dancing at the British Legion in Polperro. I thought I'd have a go! Ha ha disaster!! Legs all over the place, didn't know my left from my right never mind a grapevine or a coaster step!! However, I was hooked!! I persisted with it and went back the following week. When I came home I decided to go for it and went to a local class and 7 years later i'm still going strong!! If it wasn't for line dancing I'd never have met so many wonderful people and made so many great friends. Country people are the friendliest you'll ever meet.

Scooter Mar15