Too Big For Our Boots

32 Count 4 Walls Improver

Choreographed by: Sam Armstrong

Choreographed to: What About Now on Lonely Grill by Lonestar

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Count Footwork
  Kick, Diagonal Shuffle (x2)
1-2 Kick Right Diagonally Across Left Twice
3&4 Shuffle Diagonally Left Stepping Right, Left , Right
5-6 Kick Left Diagonally Across Right Twice
7&8 Shuffle Diagonally Right Stepping Left, Right, Left
  Cross, Unwind, Chasse, Rock, Turning Shuffle
9-10 Cross Right Over Left, Unwind 1/2 Turn To Left
11&12 Right Chasse Stepping Right, Left, Right
13-14 Rock Back On Left, Forward On Right
15&16 Shuffle Left, Right , Left Making 1/2 Turn Right
  Right And Left Grapevines With Kicks
17-18 Step Right To Right Side, Step Left Behind Right
19-20* Step Right To Right Side, Kick Left Across Right
21-22 Step Left To Left Side, Step Right Behind Left
23-24* Step Left To Left Side, Kick Right Across Left
Note (* Raise Both Arms Above Head, Shouting Whoo At Same Time)
  Turning Shuffle, Pivot, Kickball Step, Kickball Change
25&26 Shuffle Right, Left, Right Making 1/4 Turn To Right
27-28 Step Forward Left, Pivot 1/2 Turn Right
29&30 Kick Left Forward, Step Left Besides Right, Step Right In Place (making Sure Weight Remains On Right)
31&32 Kick Left Forward, Step Left Besides Right, Touch Right Besides Left (making Sure Weight Remains On Left)
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