40 Count 1 Walls Beginner

Choreographed by: Janette Sandham & John Sandham (UK)

Choreographed to: Tempted on Toe The Line 2 by Marty Stuart

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Last updated: 29th December 2014
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Count Footwork
1-4 Walk forward on left, right, left and kick inside foot forward.
5-8 Step back on right, left, right, touch left beside right.
9-12 Step left, slide right to left, step left, slide right to left
13-16 Step right, slide left to right, step right, slide left to right (ladies on opposite foot do a rolling turn inwards and rejoin in sweetheart position)
17-20 Step left foot forward, step right up to left, step right foot back, step left back to right.
21-24 Step left to side, then right up to left, step right to side, then left up to right.
  /(As you step away from each other drop the sweetheart position, join gents right with ladies left and resume sweetheart position as you come back together)
25-28 Heel swivels swivel right, left-right-left. (bump hips as you come together & remember ladies opposite)
29-32 Left heel tap forward twice, left toe back twice.
33-40 Four shuffles starting on left foot.
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