Salty Dog Blues

32 Count 4 Walls Improver

Choreographed by: Andy "Tush Push" Monks (UK)

Choreographed to: Salty Dog Blues on Groove Grass Boyz by Groove Grass Boyz

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Count Footwork
  Heel Switches , Kick Ball Cross X2 Moving Right
1&2& Right Heel Forward, Bring Right Heel Back Next To Left, Left Heel Forward, Left Heel Back To Place
3&4& Point Right Toe To Right Side, Bring Right Back To Place,point Left Toe To Left, Bring Left Back To Place
5&6 Kick Right Foot Forward Slightly Across Left, Place Right Next To Left, Cross Left Over Right
7&8 Repeat Steps 5&6
  Rocks With Syncopated Grapevine And Sailor Steps
9 - 10 Rock Right To The Right Side And Recover Onto Left
11&12 Right Foot Behind Left Step Left To Left Side, Step Right Across Left
13 -14 Rock Left To Left Side Recover Onto Right
15&16 Left Foot Behind Right, Step Right To Right Side, Step Left Foot Slightly Forward (hip Distance Apart)
  Right & Left Shuffles Forward 3/4 Turn Right
17&18 Step Right Foot Forward, Step Left Next To Right, Step Right Forward
19&20 Step Left Foot Forward Step Right Next To Left, Step Left Forward
21-22 Rock Forward Onto Right Foot Recover On To Left (use Momentum To Start The Turn)
23-24 On The Ball Of The Left Turn 3/4 Turn Over Right Shoulder, Step Left Next To Right
  Jump Turn Mash Potato Back
25-26 Jump Both Feet Hip Distance Apart, Jump And Cross Right Foot Over Left
27&28 Unwind 1/2 Turn Left Clap Hands Twice
29-30 Spread Both Heel Out, Bring Tboth Heels In Step Right Foot Backslightly Whilst Spreading Heels. Bring Them Back In.
31-32 Repeat 29 To 30
Note 29-32 Can Be Replaced With A Simple Walk Back Stepping Right Left Right Touch Left Next To Right
  Start Again
Dance Script

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