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Jean Jones

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I started line dancing just as a hobby but soon got hooked. People began to tell me how good I was and that whenever they saw me at classes or socials they would fight to stand around me on the dance floor because I was so easy to follow. This led to people asking me at parties to teach them a few steps then out of the blue I was asked to teach some dances at a barn dance only to be surprised as before we left I was given £20 and asked to do the same again soon. I have never looked back since. I now run my own classes and do lots of fund raising for charity through my dancing. I would however like to thank Linedancer along side Dave Sheriff for giving me the chance to get my dances into Linedancer through the choreography competition, Pat Richter who taught me my first steps but has since moved back home to the US, The Nashville Angels (Juile & kerry) for all their support and giving me the chance to choreograph a dance for them, Magill (Derek & Dave) for being such good friends and also Rosa as she has done so much for me and allowed me to choreograph dances for her. I love to Choreograph dances and I do my best work in the kitchen while listening to music as I cook. A little like a fellow choreographer friend of mine Pat Stott who works best while doing her ironing.